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Promoting your child's communication skills from birth

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Have you ever wondered:

When will my baby start to talk?

Is my baby on the right track?

Am I doing enough to help my baby's talking?

How do I get to meet and talk with other new parents?

This 4 week group will hopefully answer some of these questions.

The group is for parents and babies of 0-1 years, with the aim of promoting your little one's communication skills from birth.   

As a qualified and practicing Speech and Language Therapist, with over 15 years experience and also as a mum of two boys, who are under 4, Amy Williams will be leading this group. 

Amy has been a keen baby group attender and worried mum in the past and hopes to share how her professional knowledge and experience helped her navigate motherhood,  whilst also providing a wonderful activity for you and your baby to enjoy together. 

She aims to provide you information and ideas for simple activities you can do at home to promote your child's speech and language development and also provide time to talk about your experiences and make connections with other new parents. 

The 4 week course is £49. Currently we awaiting COVID restrictions to be lifted and hopefully re-start our groups in the spring. 

If you would like to reserve a space for you and your baby for the next course, please contact