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CYCLES - an approach for unclear speech

The Cycles approach

Firstly, what is the Cycles Approach?

Keeping it simple - It is an approach developed for children with unintelligible speech. This could include:

· Frequently leaving out or missing speech sounds

· Replacing some sounds with other sounds

· Not using many different consonant sounds

These are known as phonological process and the cycles approach targets these phonological patterns rather than looking at single sounds individually.

Why do we use it?

The Cycles Approach is meant to closely mirror natural speech development in young children. Children have many processes that develop whilst they are learning to talk and this approach targets the easiest words first.

We use it because the evidence demonstrates a lot of success using this programme and because sounds are targeted for a short amount of time, your child (and you) won’t get bored.

It works in cycles of therapy of up to 12 sessions. If your child is still finding a particular sound a little tricky, this process can be targeted again, in the next ‘cycle’.

What do we do in therapy sessions?

During therapy sessions we use “auditory stimulation” whereby, your child listens to a sound in words which they find difficult to say, for a couple of minutes.

Then the fun starts! We play games and practice saying this new sound in different ways, by ensuring that it is fun and your child is actively engaged.

What you have to do at home?

We send you all the listening and word lists for practice at home. No need to make any words up yourself.

All you need to do is practice with your child for a few minutes every day.

Depending on the severity of child’s speech, we typically recommend six - twelve weeks of therapy followed by a consolidation period, which allows your child to implement techniques learned in the sessions.

If this sounds like something that your child may benefit from, please call or email our clinic to discuss further.

Kate x

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