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Self care September

So as September rolls in, it always feels like a fresh start for me even though I finished school a long time ago!

Today I’m having a think and planning my work structure and my down time for the next few weeks. With this, I’ve planned a few things to up my self care.

As a health professional, I have learnt through experience (and the hard way) that self care is hugely important and I hope I reflect and promote this to my clients and other health professionals I meet.

I believe that with any role where you care for others, you can only give the best of yourself if you’re looking after yourself.

Whether you’re a professional, carer, parent, or looking after a family member, it’s crucial. Otherwise you are heading towards burn out.

Self care means adequate rest, nutrition, hydration, exercise and making sure your load (whatever that may be) is manageable for you. If you’re feeling, exhausted, ill or stressed, it’s probably time to look at your self love!

So today I’ve bought myself a new fancy water bottle, booked a massage for an ongoing neck niggle and limited the amount of things on at the weekends so I can relax with the fam on our own time.

There’s no trophy for selflessness so look after yourself!

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