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What can I expect when I enquire with CISLT?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

With waiting lists high and time ticking on, more and more people are looking for private speech therapy.

Although you may feel private speech and language therapy sessions will be the right decision for your family, it can also feel a little daunting when you don’t know what to expect.

Firstly, when you make contact with CISLT, we will always make sure we are the right Speech and Language Therapists and that we have the right clinical skills for you.

As with many other professions, Speech and Language Therapists specialise in different areas. If we don’t feel we are a good match for your family, we will signpost you to a therapist that is.

Once we’ve had that initial conversation, here’s a few commonly asked questions about our practice that might put your mind at rest when delving into the world of private speech therapy:

How much does it cost? How do we pay?

Our prices can all be found here. We are transparent with our pricing so our input is predictable and you know whether working with us is for you.

Every new client requires an initial assessment and then following sessions (if required) are paid per session. There are no block payments.

Extras such as telephone reviews, report writing, developing written programmes etc, will always be discussed and agreed with you first. If you want to proceed with these, they will be charged as per our hourly rate in our price list.

For clinic appointments, clients pay either by cash or card. For home visit appointments we will send an invoice for bank transfer or a payment link.

How much speech and language therapy will I need?

We don’t know until we see you and even then we can only estimate our input.

However, typically, if required, we agree a block of sessions we think is a suitable amount, such as 4, 6 or 8 and then review after this. This will be discussed in your initial assessment.

You can stop at any time in line with our cancellation policy

Is there a waiting list and how do I get on it?

Due to demand, there is currently a waiting list of around a couple of weeks for children and 1-2 months for adults.

To get on the waiting list, we will ask you to complete a referral form and once we have this we will be in touch as soon as we can offer an appointment.

Due to demand, we will ask you for a 75% deposit to secure an initial assessment, to ensure we are maximising the sessions we do have for our clients on the waiting list. If we do not receive a deposit, we may offer your appointment to someone else further down the waiting list.

So I hope that‘s been a helpful run through. We are more than happy to have a chat on the telephone 07534 043087 if you decide that private therapy may be for you or your family or would like to find out more.

Amy 💜💙

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