I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease five years ago, the symptoms of which have been slowly worsening.  I am an active 71 year old and physically able to cope. My main worry was the loss of confidence when speaking, as Parkinson’s Disease affects the ability of muscles to work properly. As we, unconsciously, use muscles to speak this was affecting my social interactions with friends and family and making me isolated.

I was recommended, by my Parkinson’s Consultant, to attend an NHŚ speech therapy class. After several months of no offer of help from the NHS, I decided to look for a private practitioner and contacted Amy. I explained my dilemma and she assured me that she could be of help. It is the best thing I could have done!

After the initial, intensive appraisal Amy tailored weekly sessions concentrating upon various aspects of speech enhancement, using exercises for face, tongue, throat as well as breath control. During these sessions she also picked up unnecessary tension in my neck, swallowing problems and mental well-being issues. She is the complete package. 

Amy is a very likeable and caring lady. She is very professional and friendly and goes above and beyond in supplying additional information to help overcome all of your problems. 

We have completed the course of treatment and I feel much more confident with my speech. I know Parkinson’s is a progressive disease and I will probably need more help in the future. I will have no hesitation in contacting Amy when the need arises.

I can thoroughly recommend Amy for any speech problems you may have. 

Mr D, April 2020

In 2014 my daughter was involved in a road traffic accident and suffered a catastrophic brain injury. She was in a coma for weeks and in a semi vegetative state for 2.5 years. Then slowly she started to ‘emerge/wake up’,. Now following 6 years of rehab she can eat, drink, speak and is slowly  learning to walk again. The speech and language therapist at her rehabilitation unit assessed my daughter in September last year and concluded that she had reached her rehab potential and had in treatment terms, plateaued.
 I didn’t accept this and scoured the internet for another expert for a second opinion. Thank goodness, I found the amazing Amy Williams. Amy conducted a series of assessments on my daughter and concluded that there was indeed significant progress still to be made.
Amy has been working with my daughter for the past 4 months and in that time my daughters speech has become much clearer, her short term memory (which has been massively affected) has started to improve and at the moment with Amy’s assistance my daughter is planning a ‘girls day out’ to see Evita. Initiating activities is now the goal of the work Amy is doing and this will really improve both the quality of her life and give her back her independence.
If you are looking for a professional , knowledgable, friendly, approachable and extremely  competent speech and language therapist to help your loved one progress on their rehab journey, then I would highly recommend Amy. She loves her work and the people she works and really gets positive results.

Mrs K, January 2020

"When my Father’s decline began to impact his ability to take any form of nourishment, we asked Amy to assess him for impaired swallow function.
Amy immediately put my father at ease with her clearly evident professionalism and empathy; despite my Father having a number of health and cognitive issues.
He actively responded to Amy’s gentle encouragements, I think he actually enjoyed it.
As a result, Amy was able to recommend a number of changes to the way my Father was fed, which greatly reduced the occurrence of chest infections, from aspiration of foodstuffs and liquids.
I would like to thank Amy for the help and honest advice she gave us, at a very difficult time."

Mr N Wilkinson, June 2019

“Amy has been brilliant throughout our journey and our daughters speech has greatly improved as a result of her experience and expertise. We contacted her regarding our daughters mild speech delay after a friend’s recommendation. She went out of her way to try and understand our concerns, making sure she could help us before booking in an initial consultation. We were being funded through Private Medical Insurance, Amy went above and beyond registering with the company so that they would allow us to see her. Amy has been fantastic with our daughter, and gained her trust quickly making her feel comfortable. Our daughter has looked forward to each session, wondering what activities and games Amy will bring, which were always different and tailored to what she enjoyed. Amy has left activities with us to continue practising, making sure we understand how to take these forward with our daughter. She has always been available to contact and has given suggestions between sessions on how to amend activities or take them to the next level. The sessions have taken place on a day and at a time suitable for us,being in our home has allowed for a more relaxed atmosphere. We cannot recommend Amy more, and will miss seeing her each week.

Mrs H, September 2019

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