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Castlepoint Independent Speech and Language Therapy (CISLT) was founded by Amy Williams, Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist in March 2019. 

CISLT offers a high-quality Speech and Language Therapy service to children and adults across Essex.

CISLT specialises in: 

  • Children’s speech disorders

  • Communication disorders following stroke and brain injury such as: aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia of speech and cognitive communication difficulties. 

  • Adult swallowing difficulties 

  • Parkinson's disease

CISLT is based at the clinic in Rayleigh, Essex but home visits can be provided. 

 CISLT can offer comprehensive assessment and personalised treatment plans which can include activities that the client can do in their own time or with family and carers. 

At CISLT, a holistic approach is taken with every client including liaising with any other professionals involved in the clients care, if required. 

Professional training can also be provided to other professionals, families and carers. 

Our vision is to provide easy access to a high quality and responsive Speech and Language Therapy service for children and adults in Essex. 








My husband spent nearly 5 months in neuro rehab after his severe stroke which left him with moderate expressive and receptive Aphasia.  During his time away from home, I was able to spend time searching for the correct experienced Speech and Language Therapist that would benefit his recovery the most.  I wanted someone who not only had a significant amount of experience with stroke and Aphasia but also someone that understood the difficulties the whole family would face as a result.  I didn't have to look very far before I found Amy and instantly from the moment I read her bio I knew she would be the right SALT.  My husband was discharged with very little speech apart from 'stock phrases' and his understanding was quite impaired too.  14 months down the line, his understanding has been shown through assessments performed by Amy to be 'normal'.  His expressive speech has dramatically improved to the point of him now being able to talk in constructive sentences.  As Amy has got to know my husband through his therapy, she has been excellent at identifying problem areas that need work on, for instance she has recently picked up that there may be a problem in the auditory processing loop.  She has also picked up that there is some mild apraxia which wasn't diagnosed while in rehab.  Amy is continuously updating her knowledge through CPD also which is so essential for practice.  Two years post stroke, we are still continuing to make excellent progress and Amy always targets the right areas of difficulty at the right level and knows how to achieve progress.  She is also very passionate not just about sit down therapy sessions but likes to transfer the learning into function by taking the client out into the community to enhance the skills they have learned through her therapy.  This is something we haven't been able to do due to the pandemic but we have recently had discussions about this and is something that will be happening imminently as lockdown starts to lift.  We would've been lost without Amy and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I finally feel like we are getting our life back.

Mrs S March 2021


My daughter has a very delayed speech and sound disorder of which she required help for and I was so thankful I found Amy to be her speech therapist in March this year. 

Amy is very friendly, bubbly person and this showed instantly as my daughter is very shy with people she doesn't know but she took a shine to Amy imminently and looked forward to seeing her each week. She really connected with Amy and enjoyed learning and playing games with her too. 

Amy is very professional and not only did she give me advice on my daughters speech and left homework for us to do for the week, she was very understanding and caring towards any other issues I had with my daughter (changing schools due to her speech) and offered her expertise and help in this area too which was very much appreciated and was done out of the kindness of her heart. 

My daughter has come on leaps and bounds with her speech from the March till September this year (only stopped seeing Amy as my daughter started a new school which has a speech therapist who works at the school).

I cannot recommend Amy enough. I promise you will not be disappointed with her hard work and dedication to help others. 

We really miss not seeing Amy each week. 

Mrs M October 2020