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" Your job must be so rewarding"


Yes it is! However it’s rewarding in so many different ways...

Number one reward is clients progressing, getting well, living their life to it’s full potential and saying “goodbye Amy” 🙌🏻

However, some of the rewards come from helping loved ones understand the condition their person is experiencing

Putting into simple words, the difficulties the client is having and trying to alleviate a little of the stress by showing their family and friends how to improve their interactions, behaviours and actions to fully support the person they love. 🤗

A reward can come from helping the client become focused on what they really want to achieve and what will make the biggest impact on their quality of life, despite perhaps not being “back to normal”. 🎯

Or a reward can be having a really enjoyable session, getting to know a little about every client I meet and their story, sharing a joke and a smile.

I can honestly say, I wouldn’t rather do anything else

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