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It's Happening!

It’s happening! It’s time to get rid of the dummy for Baby Williams. Well he’s not actually a baby as he’s two 😬. Still my baby though 🥰 My previous professional opinion, BC (before children), would have tut tutted and advised that the dummy should have been taken away as soon as the child started babbling. But alas, I’m now a mum who needed that dummy OH so much during our time with colic for 5 months 😭😩. A mum who needed that dummy for a bit of respite with two children under 2. A mum who needed it so naps happened quickly and she could rest her weary self with a cup of coffee and some Netflix. But it’s now time to introduce the “Dummy Fairy” again. My littlest sprog has recently become obsessed with the dummy as I think he knows mummy doesn’t like it and he wants it ALL the time, not just for naps as we were doing. I’ve also been googling “dummy teeth” again (not for the faint hearted but if you want motivation, try it) I’ve done it once, I can do it again.. I’m sure🤞🏻 In fact, with some bribing of my eldest with this book and a new toy, that dummy fairy delivered after surrendering all his dummies, it was actually rather painless. This fiery tot might not be as easily persuaded. 🤦‍♀️ 😫 Wish me luck!! 💙💜

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